New Episode of Foreword Thinking – The Business And Motivational Book Review Podcast Is Now Live

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Foreword Thinking – The Business and Motivational Book Review Podcast Episode #2 is now live over at the website here: Foreword Thinking.
For the second episode we have an in-depth conversation with Robin Sharma. Sharma is the best-selling author of The Greatness Guide and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Don’t be scared off by the titles of these books, they are not new age-y at all. If anything, all of Sharma’s books are geared at promoting leadership within corporations. His insights are clever, easy-to-read and I love the way he weaves in modern references to tell a story. Where else can you get chapter titles like: Harvey Keitel And Windows Of Opportunity or Apply The U2 Standard? (those are just some of the many amazing chapters in The Greatness Guide).
I’m a fan of Robin Sharma. You can feel his passion with every word and he’s been very authentic in the few times we’ve met in person.
The second episode of Foreword Thinking runs a little under the twenty-five minute mark. There’s also a giveaway courtesy of our sponsors over at HarperCollins Canada. It’s a three-pack of books: The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma, Mind Set! Reset Your Thinking and See the Future by John Naisbitt and Good To Great by Jim Collins. There is a “skill-testing question.”
Coming up in future episodes will be interviews with John Wood from Room To Read and author of Leaving Microsoft To Change The World as well as the authors of Punk MarketingRichard Laermer and Mark Simmons. I’d love to open the conversation up to the community, so please let me know if you have any questions for John Wood or the Punk Marketing authors.
Also, I just found out that John Wood will be appearing on Oprah either tomorrow or in the coming days. Pretty cool (and well deserved).
Get the latest Podcast episode here: Foreword Thinking – Episode #2 With Robin Sharma.