My Conversation Can Beat Up Your Conversation

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Have you ever wondered why so many Bloggers and people interested in creating content online obsess and constantly refresh their Technorati page to see where they rank amongst the one hundred and twenty million-plus Blogs that Technorati tracks? You might think that it’s vanity or bragging rights (it’s probably a little bit of that), but lately I’m noticing some shifts, and they are directly related to your ranking in organic search results.

The more people who link to you, place you on a Blogroll, mention you, etc… the higher your content will track in the search engines. The more content you produce and the longer you’ve been around also adds weight and importance to how you will rank. The more content you create, the more keywords and keyphrases there are "floating out there" for new readers to discover through searches.

There’s a strong case as to why all of us need to be spending more time on Technorati and doing everything in our power to build both our ranking and authority. Let’s be honest: what’s the point in Blogging if you’re not building readerships, conversations and exposing your ideas to a growing audience?

To truly evolve the conversation, Marketers are going to have to better understand that the evolution of their Marketing efforts are not going to come from within. They are going to come from how the community embraces what they’re doing, and the communities desire to accept you as part of their conversation.

No more bullies… or bullying marketing.

All results are becoming organic… natural. And, in the true spirit of Digital Darwinism and evolution through – and by – the community, the big win is going to be in making your content sit up, get noticed and get people excited.


  1. hey mitch
    since i have 2 blogs is there anyway to combine the rankings. it does start to become a bit of a game where you want to see your authority go up:)

  2. There is no way. Each Blog is its own beast and I think it’s smarter this way. Imagine having a Blog around for 5 years and then starting a new one… not fair to mix and mingle 😉

  3. As I said in my post: Ten Ideas for Conversation:
    It’s about how what we say and do connects with the person in the room with us. We are not nearly as clever and interesting as we’d like to think. Most behaviors and ideas spread through populations because of what the members of the populations do or think or say in response to each other. Mark Earls thinks this is what Cluetrain meant when they talked about markets being conversations.

  4. I agree with you about the evolution of conversation will come from the audience. I also believe content is king.
    Personal relevant information.

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