Big News – Grand Central Publishing Signs Global Book Deal For Six Pixels Of Separation Book To Business Plus Imprint

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While this is not the perfect way to let everyone know about this very exciting news, I was informed that my book deal with Grand Central Publishing was announced yesterday in Publishers Marketplace (subscription required). So, in the spirit of this community and all of this not being possible without your loyal comments, insights and passions, I thought I would let everyone here know that Grand Central Publishing (part of Hachette Book Group USA) has signed me to a global book deal for a fall 2009 lead release on their Business Plus imprint.

Hachette is one of the largest book publishers in the world, and Grand Central Publishing is an awesome company. They are the good folks behind Jack – Straight from the Gut by Jack Welch and Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. If you’ve never heard of them, Grand Central Publishing was formerly Warner Books, and is known for such bestsellers as Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird and Umberto Eco‘s The Name Of The Rose.

The working title is (obviously) Six Pixels of Separation. And here’s how Publishers Marketplace describes the book:

"Six Pixels of Separation will teach entrepreneurs and individuals how to have a global audience and consumer base in a world where we’re all connected (almost all of them free). The book will focus on how technology is empowering individuals to build personal brands that will rival the biggest of corporate brands, and how all business owners can now leverage the global community to connect, share and grow. The book is named after Joel’s very successful Blog and Podcast by the same name."

You can well imagine how excited we all are over here at Twist Image. I’ll be discussing the book and calling on your help in the coming months, but rest assured that my regular publishing of Blog postings and the Podcast will not be interrupted. I’m honoured and humbled to be working with Grand Central Publishing on Six Pixels of Separation. And, without this sounding like an Academy Awards show, none of this would have been possible without the help of my literary agent (big thanks Jim!).

A more formal mass media press announcement should happen next week. Until then… I gotta write.


  1. Wow, Mitch, that’s fabulous news. I’ll certainly be putting that title on the suggestion list for the library where I work. So there are two guaranteed sales right there.

  2. Mitch!
    Long time reader first time contributor. Just wanted to congratulate you on the book deal! Can’t wait to get my hands on it once it is available.
    On another note, when should we be expecting another episode of your Forward Thinking Podcast?!
    All the best,

  3. Congratulations Mitch.
    I’m not a fan of the investment advice in Rich Dad, Poor Dad – and neither is the WSJ or several other credible sources. It’s been fairly clear for a few years that Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad is purely fictional, despite his earlier claims to the contrary.

  4. I am so proud of you Mitch. I can only imagine how good the book will be and I know it is something that every business should read.

  5. Awesome news, congratulations on your future book, and on your richard@dell interview, the right questions to the right folk, keep up the good work Mitch!!!

  6. Way to go Mitch. I know the book will be a good read when it’s done. I’m looking forward to commenting and contributing something when you call on our help.
    P.S. I hope I can add a video game note in my piece.

  7. Congrats Mitch! You know I don’t like to pay for anything (spoiled new media brat I suppose)… but I can’t wait to support the book and read it of course!

  8. Congrats Mitch!!! Can’t wait to bumrush the charts with you! Happy writing (I personally prefer either the 30,000 foot approach or the Hemingway method involving lots of scotch)
    Well done my brother!!!!

  9. Congrats Mitch! Wow. This book will be kinda like a long pregnancy and I look forward to the birth of your SPOS “baby”! in Fall 2009! ‘-)
    Very well deserved!

  10. Congrats Mitch! That’s really sweet news. Make sure to let us all know when we can start pre-ordering your book. I think everyone who follows your blog and podcast will be happy to support you through a pre-order.

  11. Congratulations Mitch!! I am absolutely thrilled for you and can’t wait to read the book.
    Now the “unwashed masses” will also benefit from your wisdom! : )
    Good luck with the rest of the process.

  12. Congratulations Mitch!
    It was only a matter of time before a publisher figured out that what we have known for years – you’re a pretty smart guy who knows a little bit about the power of blogs and podcasting.
    I can’t wait to read it. All the best!

  13. Mitch, Wow! How exciting! This is a great thing, and congratulations! Looking forward to the book. Let us know when we need to buy. Mob rush style! Drive Mitch to the top.
    Keith Burtis

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