My Box In A Box Is Viral In Viral Marketing

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Saturday Night Live is seeing a slight resurrection by taking show segments (some shown on regular TV and some not) and uploading them to YouTube. Lazy Sunday is still a perfect example of this. This tactic is also a prime way for traditional medias to leverage the newer channels.
The YouTube and Saturday Night Live relationship took another spike recently when Andy Samberg (one half of the Narnia-tribute of Lazy Sunday) teamed up with Justin Timberlake for an original musical comedy skit called, Dick In A Box. The faux-Boy Band video is funny and viral for many reasons. What should not be surprising is that if you search on YouTube for “Dick In A Box,” you’ll not only retrieve many different posts of the same video, but you’ll also see countless unsung heroes who are either lip-syncing to the song, re-creating it or creating their own spin on it – much like the female version called, My Box In A Box.
My Box In A Box has seen hundreds of thousands of views. Once again and further validating that people don’t just want to sit idly back and watch clever clips. They want to create their own and further the conversation, but, they’ll only do this if the original clip resonates with them. The other striking component of My Box In A Box is the quality of the recording. This was not done on a webcam.
We’re starting to see the beginning rumblings of what I’ll call Viral In Viral Marketing. Stage One will be if the original creation takes hold, but the true worth of value will be Stage Two: defined by how many new iterations are created out of the original and how far and wide those spin-offs spread. It further complicates the creation of a viral marketing campaign, but if Marketers are truly raising the bar, they’ll best be able to gauge success not by how widely spread their creation was, but rather how many new iterations were created out of it and how extensively those spread.

Special thanks to AdRants and the post, Girl Puts Her Box in Box For Justin Timberlake.