Montreal Gazette Features The Montreal Business Book Club Today

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The Montreal Gazette has a small feature today in the Business Section – B5 – on The Montreal Business Book Club with a picture of yours truly propped next to a stack of business books.
The feature is the lead article in the Working section titled, Taking On Challenges – 2005 has been the year of new beginnings for these career-minded Montrealers. They all took on new tasks.
The piece was written by Stephanie Whittaker and I was asked to be featured by Whittaker who was intrigued by how much attention The Montreal Business Book Club has achieved this year.
As I say in the article, I am looking to create a unique Blog for The Montreal Business Book Club as well as doing more exclusive events (like when we had Tom Asacker speak) in the coming year.
You can read the full article here: Montreal Gazette – Taking On Challenges – Business Section.
(an apology to Tomas Bruun who was mentioned in the article but his name was mis-spelled).