McDonald's Mobile Marketing

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A scavenger hunt, photo gallery, ringtones, wallpaper and even wireless coupons are all a part of a new mobile marketing program by McDonald’s called Whoa! Mobile.
According to MediaPost’s Out To Launch, “McDonald’s is using cell phone technology to promote its Tulsa, Okla.-area restaurants, whose up-to-the-minute bells and whistles include wireless Internet, cashless technology, and plasma-screen TVs. As part of the ‘Mobile Whoa’ campaign, through the end of April, customers in northeastern Oklahoma can participate in a mobile scavenger hunt, get a mobile coupon and post photos in a camera phone and Web site picture gallery. The scavenger hunt starts when customers text-message a specific code or register online at a microsite for the promotion. Customers then receive a series of clues via text messages. Besides the coupons for free fries with the purchase of a Big Mac, there’s another plus: all customers who submit a photo to the picture gallery will receive a code on their phone to download a free ringtone or wallpaper.”
What I like about this campaign? They’re using mobile technology, engaging their customers and introducing the concept of being marketed to on your mobile device. This speaks volumes for getting marketers closer to the mobile marketing tipping point.
What I don’t like about this campaign? The URL ( is terrible. When I first saw it, my feelings were that the company behind the campaign hi-jacked McDonald’s brand. The URL really needs the McDonald’s brand in it.
I hope McDonald’s walks lightly with this campaign. It looks like they are not pushing that much content out (smart) and depending on people to really pull the content at their own pace and desire (even smarter).
If you’re reading this and shuddering at the thought of being SMS bombarded with coupons offering a free small fry when you buy a Big Mac, my thoughts are with you. It’s coming. Be prepared.