Business Blog Meet-Up In Montreal – Yulbiz – Happens This Tuesday Night

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Montreal Blog guys, Michel Leblanc and Philippe Martin are getting primed for their second Montreal business Blog meet-up – Yulbiz (named after the general Montreal Blog meet-up, Yulblog). The get-togethers are held the last Tuesday of every month (this next one is Tuesday – April 25th, 2006) at Café Melies (which is inside ex-centris).
These events are super casual and designed for Montreal-based Bloggers who write about business to share their thoughts, have some laughs and a few drinks.
You can read a little bit more about Yulbiz and these Montreal Blog people here (the post is in French): Rencontre de blogueurs d’affaires, Yulbiz est née.
Unfortunately, I will be in Toronto at Search Engine Strategies Toronto, but I hope to make future Yulbiz events. This is a great imitative.