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If you travel at all for business, there is a new travel Blog that is worthy of your attention.

Our good friend, Chris Brogan (co-author with Julien Smith of the best-selling business book, Trust Agents, author of Social Media 101, renowned Blogger and co-host of the Media Hacks podcast) has started a new project/video Blog called, Man On The Go. The Blog is all about business travel – from tips and tricks to hotel reviews to other pieces of interesting content. The back-story is that Chris is looking to expand and extend his empire, and in the process is developing a bunch of knowledge products and educational programs to sell online. He thought it would be interesting to start a new site from scratch to see if he could build a new media channel using the strategy, tools and tactics he’s going to include in the materials and courses that he is going to sell.

It’s a great resource.

So far, the posts have been super-smart and filled with really chunky pieces of content. So much so, that it inspired me to contribute as well. While I swore I would never do video Blogging (I have a face for audio Podcasting), I’ve already submitted two Blog posts (which you can see below) on the topics of hotel tips and overseas travel tips. In the coming weeks, I’ll also be submitting review for the Slappa M.A.S.K backpack and the eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible which will include my packing tips (or, "how to do 10 days of travel with a simple carry-on").

Why business travel?

It’s something many of us do – all of the time. It’s something where knowing and sharing the tribal knowledge of the experience makes us all smarter. It’s something that is a niche, but is probably still interesting to a vast amount of people. As someone who has already travelled over 100,000 km since January of this year, it is a necessary evil in terms of growing a business, but I think I have some info about business travel to share and I am also open to learning from others.

Man On The Go is worth checking out. 

Here are my first two video Blog contributions for Man On The Go (please be gentle with me – I currently lack all of the necessary skills/interest to make these videos more professional):


  1. Mitch – that video about international travel was great, much better than you’d led me to believe (and it’s nice to see you smile & chat, as the image in the upper left of this page is a little more grave than your on-screen smiley self!) Re. overseas travel — you briefly mentioned packing and those are excellent tips. Don’t forget that the cheaper carriers within Europe, especially Ryanair, are insisting that you have one carry-on item only. That means no bags of duty free, no handbags, no laptop case, everything fitting inside one bag only. I’ve taken to leaving between one third and one quarter of my carry-on empty so I can shove in whatever’s needed when boarding.
    Sheila Averbuch – ENN

  2. Great job with your first video, you provided useful information for the check in process. I currently work in the sales and marketing department for a hotel, and having previously worked at the front desk I have experience as to what helps ease a check in. The only argument I would have is that while king bedded rooms may layout more comfortably, sometimes they are not always on the best side of the hotel. Sometimes you may get stuck on the side of the hotel next to a fire station, which can keep you up all night. Another tip I have is to become friends with the front desk agents, they will be very helpful if you build a rapport with them at check in.
    I look forward to future videos Mitch.

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