Live Before You Die

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There are only so many Marketing and Business stories to tell.

Sometimes, the best business stories are really just the lessons of life that others have lived through (or think about).

Say what you will about Steve Jobs and how he runs his tight ship over at Apple, this is a great speech and it deserves your undivided attention: YouTube – Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Genius (on many levels).


  1. One of the very few CEO’s that I admire and have respect for is Steve Jobs. If it were not for his sensibilities towards design we would still be using text based interfaces that connect to mainframes.
    His speech connects on many levels and do hope that he stays with us for a very long time!

  2. Thanks for sharing it here, I saw it on web-distortion for the first time, I downloaded it and I have seen it about 12 times and every time I get to learn something new.The way he tells his life story by saying its not going to be a big deal and delivers some very important messages, My favorite would be connecting the dots.He is definitely a rockstar CEO…

  3. Thank you Mitch! Loving what you do, gives permission (unconsiously) to live there dreams also….
    Your making an impact and me and your readers… I appreciate you…
    Blessings, Brian-

  4. I found this to be very encouraging, an excellent way to send new graduates off to conquer their worlds. The fact that he shared such a personal story about his beginnings makes him less of an urban legend to me and more of a real person who has overcome some pretty big obstacles, some of them quite publicly. This struck me personally as I have lived all three of these stories as well, just not so publically or dramatically. If I didn’t admire him before I certainly do now.
    Thank you for posting this Mitch.

  5. Mitch,
    You have always been and continue to be a trusted source of great info for me. This Jobs video is another terrific example of that kind of info that I enjoy and learn from.
    I greatly appreciate your efforts here.
    Best always,
    – Peter

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