Link, Laugh And Learn – Why LinkedIn Should Be Your BFF

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Is LinkedIn the best social media platform ever?

We need to talk about LinkedIn.
Mostly because it doesn’t get talked about as much as it should.
LinkedIn started back in 2002. I joined in 2003.
I’ve always said that it was the “dark horse” of social media (if you dig through the archives of Six Pixels of Separation, I’ve been writing about it since 2005).

These days, it seems like LinkedIn is the preferred platform for people to share – more than on Facebook and Twitter.

And, yes, people are sharing lots of personal stuff (not just work).
As a reminder: Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016 for around $26 billion.
As a reminder: LinkedIn has a paid/premium features that has been working/making money for many years.
As a reminder: Linked in also has a very robust advertising platform (especially when it comes to HR and recruiting, but it’s expanding beyond that).
And, LinkedIn these days is less about being the social network for work, as the lines between work/life continue to blur.

So, why should everyone amp up their profile on LinkedIn and spend more time there?

It’s (still) a great place to network (looking for new work/new opportunities?)
There are tons of great virtual events and webinars (LinkedIn Learning is great too).
The news feed is REALLY fascinating – where people are working and what they’re up to (with a little less politics/drama).
They have lots of great Creator tools – from live video to newsletters.
And now, they’re promising more and more interesting uses of AI.

So… is LinkedIn the best new/old place to hang online?

This is what Heather Backman and I discussed over on 95.9 Star FM for a couple of minutes today.

What is Tech Tuesday?

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We call it Tech Tuesday (and we do it in just a few minutes).

Once the segment goes live on 95.9 Star FM, I will post it here for you to listen in, learn, share and engage.

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