Kevin Bacon Backs Six Degrees – You Could Have Had Six Pixels Of Separation

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There’s a new social networking site that launched this week with a bent on charity called Six Degrees. The main spokesperson for the site is Kevin Bacon. Bacon was the brunt of a game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The premise of the game is that you can link any actor in less than six degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon. The Twist Image podcast, Six Pixels Of Separation, was names after the notion of Six Degrees Of Separation.
Six Degrees has already raised almost seventy thousand dollars in under a week of it being live.
The idea behind how Six Degrees works is a little complicated. There are other celebrities who have favorite charities, participants can choose from the list of pre-selected charities or choose their own and are able to share “badges.” The premise of the site is to connect with others by donating to worthy causes. It’s also important that people share their stories.
Six Degrees is creating awareness for those in need and getting people to connect to one another through the power of community. It’s all good.
If Six Degrees seems interesting to you, I would also urge you to check out Austin Hill‘s latest project, It’s another big idea and Austin has a track record for leveraging new technology into big business. With, Hill has added in a huge social responsibility edge.
Let’s hope this becomes a growing trend: leveraging huge communities to do good and create massive awareness.
If you know anything about me, you’ll know that Six Degrees and can best be described with one word: awesome.

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