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I was originally going to post about how much action the Blog world is getting now that Seth Godin‘s latest, All Marketers Are Liars, is now on bookshelves (more on that later). While I was musing on the content for this Blog posting, I happened across tonight’s episode of CNBC’s The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch which featured former GE genius, Jack Welch, who was on (with his new wife, Suzy Welch) to discuss his newest book, Winning.
I had recently read an excerpt of the book in an issue of Newsweek Magazine and found the content so compelling that I clipped the article and passed it around the office. From there I ordered the book from Amazon and, while awaiting its arrival, picked up the full, unabridged, audio book of Winning (which is read by Jack Welch) at a local bookstore.
Welch’s first book, Jack Straight From The Gut, was a great read. I have yet to pick up the physical book of Winning but I am spinning the audio version now. There are just too many lessons on good leadership and doing the right thing. My guess is that in this post-Enron world it’s good to read about leadership as it was meant to be.
The Winning website describes the book:
“Winning is destined to become the bible of business for generations to come. It clearly and succinctly lays out the answers to the most difficult, important questions people face both on and off the job. Welch’s objective is to speak to people at every level of the organization, in companies large and small. His audience is everyone from line workers to college students and MBAs, from project managers to senior executives. He describes his core business principles and devotes most of Winning to the real ‘stuff’ of work – how to lead, hire, get ahead, even write a budget. Welch’s optimistic, no excuses, get-it-done mind set is riveting. His goal is to help anyone and everyone who has a passion for success.”
Most importantly, Jack Welch’s Winning shows that sometimes a big corporate leader can be just as entrepreneurial as the guy with everything he’s got mortgaged on a dream.

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