IT Conversations Get Audible With Don Katz

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So much to read, so little time. If you’ve been following my Blog you’ll notice that I spend a lot of time in the pages of great minds – so much so that I even initiated the Montreal Business Book Club. OK, so it’s time for me to come clean – a lot of the time that I am not reading, I’m listening to audio versions of books or interesting interviews. is an amazing site if you don’t have time to snuggle-up in bed with some of your favorite leaders. The site is simple, easy-to-use and very smart. You want an audio book? Simply download it in the format of choice and listen away (yes, you can even burn it to a CD or have them deliver the audio book to your door).
From a sales and marketing perspective, Don Katz (Founder and CEO) and his team are making spoken-word content readily available on the fly. IT Conversations – a website that features audio interviews with the best and brightest, offers an absorbing interview with Audible’s Don Katz.
IT Conversations describes the interview as:
“Rob Greenlee, host of Web Talk, speaks with Don Katz, Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Katz explains’s history and about being a pioneer in the distribution of spoken-word downloadable audio content online. Audible offers some of the most popular audio books, audio versions of print periodicals and public radio programs available. Katz explains how Audible created the first Internet peripheral, now known as the mp3 player. Audible is beginning to offer free downloadable content from alternative sources of audio like congressional testimony and television programs such as The Charlie Rose Show.
Mr. Katz will also explain Audible’s vision for distribution of free, pay-per download and paid subscription only access to audio versions of books, public radio, newspaper, magazines and many other forms of audio content online. Katz also talks about how podcasting is in the midst of transforming into a software tools company that enables Audible listeners and outside podcasters to become audio content creators and distributors. Katz also discusses expanding Audibles’ distribution into the podcasting platform and will also offer its downloadable programs to expanded storage mobile wireless cellular and data phones.”
The full interview is available for free from IT Conversations at: IT Conversations: Don Katz – Web Talk.
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