Twist Image Is Hiring

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As Twist Image grows we are looking for three strategic hires. These people must be located in the Montreal area and be bilingual as well (that would be English and French). As we don’t have titles at Twist Image and because we work together as a team, here’s the kind of people we are looking for to round out the Twist Image experience:
Account Director/Business Development – An individual who can meet, strategize and work with the Twist Image team and our clients to find and help execute the ideal marketing and communication solutions. As we work in many different sandboxes, knowledge of interactive marketing is essential as well as experience in creating the entire strategy. Strong writing ability is key.
Designer – Someone who creates true magic for a brand creation to packaging to websites. This person should be able to get that great design is built out of simplicity. See my Blog postings below. A creative mind/art director with the chops to help Twist Image make it happen. They must send a link to an online portfolio.
Administrative Assistant and office help – We know that first impressions count. We’re looking for a front person to help us keep the Twist Image office in order, work with the Twist Image team members and ensure that all administrative work is in check.
If you are one of these persons or know someone who wants to work in Twist Image’s entrepreneurial and pulsating environment, please have them send their experiences and what they think they can bring to Twist Image by emailing: [email protected]
It’s important to note that we’re not just looking for a cover letter and a CV. Anyone can do that. We’re looking for someone who has read through our website (Blog and all), thought about what Twist Image does, knows what they can do, and how together we can work to make all of our combined lives better.