It's A Wonderful Life

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Every year, the team here at Twist Image rallies together to do something a little different for our family and friends for the Holiday Season, and this year is no exception.

This year, we’ve created a little something called, It’s A Wonderful Life – The Shameless Product Placement Cut (after all, we are a Digital Marketing agency).

While we have yet to post the video part of our Season’s Greeting to YouTube or Facebook (no embedding functionality yet), we hope you’ll head over to the micro-site to play along by guessing how many brands you can find in this newly re-done movie classic, rate the flick and leave your comments.

You can see the entire production here: It’s A Wonderful Life – The Shameless Product Placement Cut.

Happy Holidays.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled Blog programming.


  1. Well played!!
    And I just love that movie (guilty confession). It’s almost a tradition. If I’ve watched that and heard “Last Christmas” by Wham played over a mall PA system, then it’s most definitely Christmas!
    Much like it’s just not New Year’s Eve unless I get to watch Dinner for One… 🙂

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