Internet Trends 2016

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Stop everything. Mary Meeker is back with her Internet Trends for this 2016.

Without a doubt, Mary Meeker (a partner at the venture capital company, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers) always delivers the goods on the state of digital. Meeker’s area of focus is on investments in the firm’s digital practice, and she helps lead their Digital Growth Funds (targeting high-growth Internet companies that have achieved rapid adoption and scale). With that, she is more widely known in business circles for her annual, data-driven reports on the state of the online world. Today, her latest report card was unleashed at the Recode conference. While her insights always capture the tech community’s attention, there are massive implications for businesses and brands as well. This report looks at massive opportunities in relation to advertising, mobile, connectivity, platforms, commerce trends, digital channels and beyond. 

Here is Mary Meeker’s presentation: Internet Trends 2016:

Here is Mary Meeker‘s full slide presentation: Internet Trends 2016.