How To Reboot Your Marketing – A Quick Video Primer

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Are you ready to reboot your business?

My second business book, CTRL ALT Delete, came out late last year. As part of the promotion for the book, I spent several days in Boston attending HubSpot‘s incredible Inbound 2013 event. There were thousands of small, medium and large-sized businesses on hand that were all attempting to figure out and/or optimize their inbound marketing strategies. It was one of the most memorable events that I had attended in 2013 (and, upon reflection, that is saying something if you consider that I took part in close to eighty events last year). I also gave an Inbound Bold Talk at the summit, which is a twenty-minute rapid-fire presentation on some of the concepts from CTRL ALT Delete. They recently published the video footage of this Bold Talk. If you’re still struggling with how to reboot your business by thinking about it differently, or have yet to have a chance to pick up the book, I’m hopeful that this twenty minute overview will get you as excited about the future of business as I am.

Are you ready? Let’s CTRL ALT Delete…