Generation Like – The Most Important Thing You Will Watch All Week

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Set aside one hour this weekend. Trust me.

Douglas Rushkoff is back with a new documentary that recently aired on Frontline titled, Generation Like. You will be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t take the time this coming weekend to watch it. Rushkoff’s latest book is called, Present Shock, and he has ten-plus other best-selling books on new media and pop culture (including: Program Or Be Programmed, Life Inc., Cyberia, Media Virus, Playing the Future, Nothing Sacred: The Truth about Judaism, Get Back in the Box: Innovation from the Inside Out and Coercion, winner of the Marshall Mcluhan Award for best media book). He does tons of teaching and public speaking, but also makes time to produce and write documentaries like this one (along with The Merchants of CoolThe Persuaders, Digital_Nation). If that weren’t enough, Douglas Rushkoff has written two series of graphic novels for Vertigo called, Testament and A.D.D. This is one of those new media documentaries that will get you thinking in a deep way about how marketing and technology is changing and affecting the young people of today. Some of it is exciting and a lot of it may be deeply disturbing. Unfortunately, the entire documentary is not able to be embedded, so watch it all right here:

Frontline – Generation Like.

Here is a sample of Generation Like…