Henna Pryor On Embracing Your Awkward – This Week’s Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

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Episode #917 of Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to

Can being awkward be a superpower at work (and life)? Henna Pryor knows it can. She is an executive and performance coach and is a beacon of authenticity and transformation. Henna’s approach to coaching, deeply rooted in real-world experiences, breaks away from conventional methodologies, focusing instead on embracing the uncomfortable to unlock one’s true potential. Her latest book, Good Awkward – How to Embrace the Embarrassing and Celebrate the Cringe to Become The Bravest You, is a refreshing take on personal and professional growth. In a world where polish and perfection often overshadow authenticity, Henna’s book serves as a guide to harnessing the power of awkward moments. She asserts that it is in these moments of discomfort that we find opportunities for significant growth and bravery. The realness in her book, makes it a compelling read for anyone looking to break free from the fear of judgment and embrace their authentic selves. Yes, it’s time to rethink our relationship with discomfort. Henna posits that what we often avoid or cringe at can be the very catalyst for our most profound development. Her book is filled with actionable advice, personal anecdotes, and thought-provoking exercises designed to help individuals step into their bravery. In her role as the founder of Pryority Group, Henna has worked with numerous professionals, helping them to navigate career transitions, overcome leadership challenges, and achieve their goals. Her work extends beyond individual coaching. She has been instrumental in guiding organizations through cultural transformations, emphasizing the importance of vulnerability and open communication in building strong, cohesive teams. Let’s shed some light on the unconventional paths to leadership and personal development, with Henna’s perspective on how we can all embrace our true and authentic selves. Enjoy the conversation…

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  1. If being awkward is a super power I must be superman. As a late-diagnosed neurodivergent photographer I’ve always struggled with awkwardness/not fitting in or with finding different things interesting or very much not interesting (looking at you American football). That said, this is great advice. Thinking about it, every founder of every startup I’ve ever worked with and most people in leadership are incredibly awkward people. Those who embrace that seem to be the best people to work with.

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