Gregory Charles Brings Black And White Show To New York… And Makes It There

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I also Blogged about some promotional writing I had done for the Gillett Entertainment Group and a local Montreal superstar-in-waiting, Gregory Charles.
This was Gregory’s big weekend in New York City. He brought his jaw-dropping Black & White show to the Beacon Theater on Broadway for three performances this weekend. From all accounts people in attendance had the exact same reaction as I did: How is Gregory Charles not one of the most famous people in the world His multi-talented entertainment chops (singing, dancing, playing piano, comedy, etc…) combined with his ability to re-create any song is truly one of the ‘best live’ experiences I have ever had.
Mark LePage’s (great guy!) feature on Gregory Charles was in today’s Montreal Gazette. The article, “Versatile Gregory Charles Takes Manhattan By Storm – Quebecer proves he can make it there. Rapturous response greets virtuoso performance tempered with humor and deft improv spontaneity,” can be read here.
The Journal De Montreal has also had some prime placement and cheers for Gregory Charles’s Black & White debut on Broadway over the past few days. You can read the article “Gregory Charles éblouit Broadway” on Canoe in French here.
Charles will also be bringing his one-man-show Black & White back to Montreal at Theatre St. Denis from December 1-5 and December 8-12. Get your friends, family and colleagues and take them. You can get tickets here.


  1. I love Gregory Charles voice, and his show. I’d love to know when he will be in Vancouver.

  2. let’s be honest. Gregory Charles in one of the most insipid artists out there. He makes Celine Dion look like a rocket scientist.

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