Gerry McGovern Is King – Just Like Content

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I’ve already explained that I subscribe to several hundred e-zines and RSS feeds. There are truly only a handful that I look forward to. Gerry McGovern‘s New Thinking is in the top three.
He breaks down the concept of content, web copy and words in a way few have – and even less have been able to execute. His weekly jolt, New Thinking, always gets me thinking (pun intended). I just posted his latest article, “Do You Manage A Website Or A Warehouse?”, On the Twist Image site in the Articles section here. I also wanted to mention it here in case you did not see it, do not know of Gerry McGovern or all of the above.
You can subscribe to New Thinking here. You can read the article directly from his site here. Gerry truly encompasses the famous saying “content is king.” His insight are not only refreshing but powerful sales tools that we use when discussing how to best build and design a website that is created around iterative design for peak usability and functionality.
Thanks Gerry.