Google Zeitgeist 2011

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This is the one event that I hope I never have to miss.

Last year, I was fortunate enough (re: I have no idea how it happened!) to get invited to Google Zeitgeist in Arizona. Zeitgeist 2011 took place from last Sunday night until the end of Tuesday and I was thrilled to be invited back. It is a very exclusive event (meaning: it is a closed event that is organized by Google as a way to thank their clients and friends. It is by invitation only and, by the looks of it, only 400 people attend). Thankfully, Google shares what takes place between those four walls with the entire world.

What you need to see. 

Much like the TED conference, everything is worth watching over at the Google Zeitgeist YouTube channel, but if you have only 45 minutes, my recommendation is that you watch Dr. Eric Schmidt‘s (Executive Chairman of Google) opening commentary about taking a longer view of things. Then, head over and watch the lively debate about media, journalism and Social Media between Arianna Huffington (The Huffington Post) and Ted Koppel (NPR and formerly ABC‘s Nightline). Their session was moderated by Nicholas Thompson (Senior Editor of The New Yorker) and it was the highlight session of the two days.

Watch it all right here:


  1. Love it and yes we do need to take the long view but as Dr. Schmidt also says we do need to innovate by doing the hard work and the incremental changes rather than simply labeling our words as change.

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