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I am always amazed to hear how many people have set up Google News Alerts specifically on their own name. It’s equally surprising to hear the tales of what they discovered about themselves.

It is a great first step. If you’re reading this Six Pixels of Separation Blog, odds are you’ve gone and Googled yourself already. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? I recently came across a senior executive who told me that he had, indeed, Googled himself. He was happy to report that there wasn’t much there. He saw that as a good thing. I did not.

I guess perspective is everything.

For some, having no Digital Long Tail is a good thing. I can respect that, but in this day and age, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to convince others that you’re a top-level performer, and yet have nothing about yourself show up in a Google search.

Here’s a reality check: if you’re looking for a job, whoever you interview with is checking you out in Google. If you’re up for a promotion, they’re doing it too. Have you recently asked someone out on a date? They’re checking you out on Google (and Facebook too, probably).

It’s a mainstream activity.

Don’t believe me?

Check out the latest single/video from Teyana Taylor. It’s a song called, Google Me (just click on the link – don’t even get me started why Universal Music does not allow us to embed their videos from YouTube… grrrr….)

Hat tip to my little PR buddy, Chris Clarke (via Twitter).


  1. So right, Mitch. I wrote about the exact same thing two days ago about why it’s so important to have some form of online presence and reputation for your personal brand, especially when it comes to employment opportunities! As Colin Walker commented “you never know when an opportunity will arise.”

  2. Well you seem to forget about the nasty phenomena of identity theft and stalking. Happened to me, happens to others as well. That made me rethink about what information I want to share on the web and what information better not.

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