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" brings together the resources of journalists around the world and makes live streaming video easy to find and use on your computer.

As of today, there are nearly 150 channels of live streaming video here – that number is growing every day.

You can preview what is on any given stream just by leaving the site open on your desktop – many of the thumbnail images will refresh automatically every minute or so.

We’ve also got a live moderator to help along the process – that’s the video window on the upper right side of the screen. The moderator is not available 24/7 yet but we are hoping to offer that sometime soon."

I discovered while watching yesterday’s episode of Attack Of The Show on G4 TechTV. While the idea has probably been done before, my gut tells me that this is more of an idea whose time has come. All newspaper and TV station websites are banking on applications like Web video to drive their next-generation of advertising, so it was only a matter of time before journalists got together, grabbed all of the local streams of live TV and aggregated it here – in one place – for your viewing pleasure.

This makes Wolf Blitzer‘s The Situation Room on CNN look like the playroom.

Beyond the obvious appeal, I also like how this site goes hyperlocal (enabling to choose whichever community you like), but together offers massive global perspective. I can’t wait to flip on when breaking news hits – just to see who covers what (and from what angle).

Marketers, you have been warned. We’re empowering people and making them smarter than ever. How would your messages hold up in a place like


  1. I discovered LiveNewsCameras they day after they launched (launch was “super Tuesday) and blogged about it myself.
    I’ve been very impressed with a few things about it. Yes, the local thing is great, but it’s WHAT they are showing is the most amazing. They are essentially showing the off-air news gathering pipe from these news organizations. It’s unfiltered and as-it-happens. They have been able to rally local news organizations globally to provide these feeds. Some already had them on their own websites, many did not.
    The people who started it over at Fox News Chicago have been attentive to the social aspect (and very open to ideas), and it takes this site beyond the simple feed hub concept. Live video moderators watch the feeds for interesting things to watch. Not only do they moderate them live, but they also use Twitter to shoot out alerts, and have added a chat room for people to participate in the discussion.
    All-in-all, it’s been exciting to see this site evolve from a few dozen Fox affiliates to a nationwide and global reach. Again, kudos to the management at Fox News Chicago for being willing to jump at what the idea their staff had come up with, AND to do it RIGHT.

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