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A few weeks back I announced on this Blog that Alexandre Henault had joined the Twist Image team (it was here: Alexandre Henault Joins Twist Image). I also said that I would do my best to keep corporate communications out of this Blog space. I felt weird writing that in the last Blog posting and with the chain of events that are happening at Twist Image this week, I actually feel like it would be detrimental not to talk about the changes happening at Twist Image here. But, I have to do it in my own way – in a human (and Mitch-like) way. My reasoning is simple: this Blog was created so that Twist Image can have a human voice. So that anybody who comes in contact with this Blog “gets” what we’re about without the marketing pap.
With all that, I made a mistake and did not post some big news for Twist Image here first, but instead spoke with the people at Marketing Magazine, InfoPresse and some other industry publications. First the news, then the explanation as to why it unfolded the way it did and why I think I might have made a mistake.
Mark Goodman created FCB Direct in Canada and stayed on as the President for well over fifteen years. He is a veteran of the marketing industry, a Board Member at the CMA – Canadian Marketing Association (in fact, this past year he received an Honorary Lifetime Member award). He took FCB Direct and grew it to a team of one hundred-plus people with billings of over $100 million annually along with offices in Montreal and Toronto. He was also awarded the very cool Top 40 Under 40 Award by the Globe & Mail Report on Business Magazine which recognizes outstanding professional and personal achievement for individuals under the age of forty.
Today, Twist Image announced that Mark Goodman has joined our team as a full-partner and as our CEO.
This is huge for Twist Image. We now have a staff of over thirty full-time professionals, we are presently looking to open a new office in Toronto and we’ve managed to secure one of the true visionaries in the Direct Marketing space who gets what we’re doing and is as passionate as we are about helping our clients – and their customers – bridge the present to the future.
This space is hotter than ever and my gut feeling is that it’s not going to change. It’s not like last time (Dot Com Bubble). The technology works, people are online and more and more opportunities are shifting from traditional channels to digital and interactive ones.
Now, why I think it may have been a mistake to go to trade publications before posting the news here. One, it would have been cool to see who would have picked up the story off the Blog. Two, we have a relationship – you and I – and I value it. I should have let you, the readers and my friends, in first on this exciting news first. And lastly, Blogging has become specifically about getting news out – fast and efficiently.
Lesson learned.
If you want to read some of the coverage we got…
Marketing Magazine – Mark Goodman named CEO of Twist Image.
InfoPresse – Nouveau patron chez Twist Image.

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