Bringing Home The Gold… And Silver

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I’m in Toronto attending the CMA – Canadian Marketing Associationannual awards. I had the pleasure to serve as the Senior Judge for their New Media category. It’s a big night. Guys in tuxes (even saw someone in a Kilt) and the women were all dressed to the nines. With close to two thousand people attending, it was like a massive Wedding, except the bride and groom are the agencies and brands that worked hard all year to create the latest and greatest in marketing, advertising and communications.
It was a big night for Twist Image as well. We submitted two entries in the Email Marketing Category and walked away with the Gold for our work with Telus, and a Silver for work we did for Scotiabank.
There’s always tons of chatter about the merit of winning industry awards (particularly in the advertising world), but after seeing the pride that Scotiabank and Telus had in receiving this national honor, I realized how important it can be. If you’re doing the work and working together with a client to create the maximum results for their business, then winning an award that acknowledges that collaboration is great dessert following an incredible meal.
It also helps a team gel. I’ve seen some amazing things transpire inside the walls of Twist Image over the past few years. As we grow in terms of clients, scope of work and amount of team members, it’s becoming abundantly clear that great people create great work and that does need to be acknowledged in public.
So while Twist Image took home two awards last night in front of our peers, the real acknowledgement happens right here, right now…
To the team at Twist Image: congratulations. Way to go on helping our clients connect with their customers. Thanks for your hard work, creativity and passion for excellence.
You can view the list of winners here: The CMA Awards 2006.