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I hate the saying, "Game Changer". I really do.

You might as well throw jargon like "best of breed" or "end to end solution" on top of it. To me, it’s all gobbledygook (now, that is a saying I can get behind). Pushing beyond my own need to rid the world of sayings like that, I am going to use this space to recommend that you stop reading this Blog post, and start watching any of the four free and available episodes of a new documentary series called, Game Changers, from Bloomberg TV.

Some very fine viewing.

I recently Blogged about the Steve Jobs Game Changers documentary, here: Incompatible. They’ve also done episodes with Google‘s Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg and TV news parody king, Jon Stewart. Currently, Bloomberg TV does not allow anyone to embed the videos, but here are the links to all of the episodes:

Each episode is about thirty-minutes long. It is well-worth your time.


  1. Looking forward to the episodes but skipping Zuckie. That company is too slimy and I see a massive fraud coming when they lose the recent investor money (Russian Mafia Money), that is my Finance Degree talking. Not to say getting 30mil US consumers to engage in something each day is something to sneeze at. But I see FB as a house of cards because we both know in 5 yrs there is a more than 50% chance FB is not the big network anymore. That said I am OK with you saying Zuckie is a game changer because FB brought Social to the masses. Though I think it was happening anyway. =P

  2. I have yet to watch the Facebook one. It’s still fascinating to hear the story. Regardless of where Facebook is five years from now, it’s shocking to think that they have over 500 million people. The success can’t be argued. The true revenue stream/business model? That’s another story that we’re all watching/waiting to see.

  3. Thank you once again for sharing Mitch. These people inspire and ask us why we don’t pursue our own dreams? Why we accept the way things are and don’t risk putting forth change….? Was time very well spent and will use this inspiration to continue being a change agent in my own community.

  4. Took the time to watch the Steve Jobs one, I won’t comment on him ’cause so many things have been said anyway.
    I’ll comment on the show itself, very well made, professional and entertaining, thanks for the links Mitch. Now I’m off to watch the others.

  5. Thank you for recommending the Game Changers documentary series. After reading Six Pixels I’ve become a fan. With all the information overload today it’s economical to filter out the immaterial. Looking forward to watching Game Changers.

  6. What was interesting to me they say in this video, how the “don’t be evil” came to be. To my knowledge the person responsible for this was employee #23, who left with it and sold his company to facebook. The Irony of this Mathematicians and Engineers, not knowing much about numerology, 23 stands for Enigma! ekh…

  7. It’s really more about FB in general, not so much Zuckerberg. Interesting video for sure. Mostly info you already know, but some you don’t.

  8. Found the first two fascinating: The recurring theme of failure leading to breakthrough! Looking forward to checking out the next two. Thanks for sharing Mitch.

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