From Earbuds To Eyeballs – Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne Podcast Is Now Available On YouTube.

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I can be so stupid.

I noticed a new content consumption habit that I had over the past few months.
I am increasingly “watching” podcasts on YouTube, instead of just listening to the audio.
Even when I am “on the go,” I will default to the YouTube episode (so that the timing is synched when I want to continue the show later on at my office or at home).
Here’s something we all know (nothing shocking here): YouTube is one of the first places people go for their podcasts (both for video and audio).

Here’s me being stupid…

Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne Podcast has been audio only and has never been distributed on YouTube.
I know… pretty stupid (I told you).
Well, that’s changed as of now.

The world changes… We change… I change.

I always imagined that Six Pixels would be an audio only show (my running self-deprecating joke is that I have a face for radio/audio).
But looking beyond the data staring me in the face, it was hard to argue that my personal preference was to “watch” the conversation unfold.
So, if you head over to the recently launched ThinkersOne YouTube page, you can now watch the last few months of episodes and all new episodes will be published there going forward.

Please be patient.

While the audio version of the podcast is polished, edited and refined for your earholes, the YouTube version is the raw video recording of the conversation… including vocal ticks… some video/audio hiccups and more fun adventures in video.

My simple ask of you…

Whether you are going to watch/listen to Six Pixels of Separation on YouTube or not, please help us by subscribing to the channel.
I’d love it if you would, “like, comment and subscribe” as the influencers du jour like to say.

A legacy of thought leadership.

Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne Podcast was first released in May 2006 (yes, 18 years ago).
The show is published every Sunday morning.
The show has never missed a Sunday since it’s inception.
The show is a veritable who’s who of business leaders, thinkers and non-fiction authors (including people like Tom Peters, Susan Cain, Marc Maron, Amy Edmondson, Simon Sinek, Gretchen Rubin, Steve Wozniak, Baratunde Thurston, Rita McGrath, Dan Pink, Scott Galloway and countless others).
The podcast is ranked in the top 1% of most popular shows out of close to 3 million podcasts globally.
The shows runs about one hour in length.

Six Pixels of Separation in the content platform of ThinkersOne.

ThinkersOne is a unique way for organizations to buy bite-sized and personalized thought leadership video experiences (live and pre-recorded) from the best Thinkers in the world.
If your business is looking to add insight, excitement, and big smarts to your regularly scheduled meetings, corporate events, company off-sites, “lunch & learns” and beyond, I know that you will love ThinkersOne.
ThinkersOne has democratized access to the smartest people by providing a platform for these incredible, personalized and affordable “moments in time.”

Please subscribe to Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne Podcast on YouTube.