eMarketer Says: "Business Crawls Onto Web 2.0"

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… And I think that’s a good thing.
Here are some of the highlights from the eMarketer report, Business Crawls Onto Web 2.0:
“The buzz around collaborative Web 2.0 technologies keeps going, and it is easy to think that every firm now has a blog, a wiki and an RSS feed… In fact, a global survey of internal and corporate communications professionals found that more than half use blogs, online video and RSS, or plan to do so in the next 12 months… social media are well-suited to internal communications, with communications professionals believing they help with employee engagement and internal collaboration. Firms looking to open two-way dialogue with senior executives, however, need to decide who they are willing to have on the other side of the conversation.”
Yes, there will be Marketers who will say, “aha! I told you, this is not as hot as the media or Bloggers are playing it to be.” Then, there are people like me, who think, “look at all the new opportunities to connect to consumers and look at the opportunity to still grow this side of your communications and marketing.”
If this report demonstrates anything, it’s that companies need to be aware of this channel but should not necessarily jump in because the buzzwords sound cool.
Monitoring Web 2.0 channels is a necessity (as you’ll see from this report or by doing a simple Technorati search on your own company), but creating one because everyone else is, is not the way to approach it.
My new mantra is, “raise the bar.” If you are thinking about creating a social media – Web 2.0 environment, do something better than the current offerings. Make it count, make it work and do it in the spirit of participation, democratization and decentralization of ideas and content.
Spin your own web by checking out the report here: eMarketer – Business Crawls Onto Web 2.0.