eMarketer Releases The Business Of Blogging Report

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I was fortunate to receive a full media (re: Blogger Media) copy from eMarketer entitled, The Business Of Blogging. This fifteen page report outlines the current Blog space in terms of business adoption and the possibilities for growth going forward.
While I’m not sure that there is anything available within this report that has not been made available publicly before, it does shed light on this burgeoning medium that is not being widely used by the corporate world for, what seems like, obvious reasons.
From my perspective corporations do not want to embrace the Blogspace because it is simply counterintuitive to its current practice of trying to create a unified and generic communications message. The entire Blog world was created so that a “human voice” can be heard and thus a new form of loyalty can be fashioned by many voices spoken in different tongues about the same company, product, service or passion.
eMarketer’s The Business Of Blogging report states:
“This kind of free-form communication is anathema to most American corporations, which spend vast amounts of money and time to hone a message and then regulate the way that message is delivered, regardless of format.”
The cost of eMarketer’s The Business of Blogging report is $695 US dollars. Deciding on whether or not this is a worthy purchase depends on how much time you have to show your boss how up to snuff you are on the space.
Another key learning from eMarketer’s report, that comes as little surprise, is that “more than half of the US population doesn’t even know what a Blog is. Assuming that business awareness of Blogs roughly mirrors that of the general population, most businesspeople aren’t familiar with Blogs.”
So, fifty percent of businesspeople don’t know what’s being said about them in the Blog world and they don’t even know about one of the fastest growing publishing spaces our world has ever seen. Does that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up as well?
You can view more information about eMarketer’s The Business Of Blogging report by checking out this article, The Business Of Blogging.
You can purchase eMarketer’s report The Business Of Blogging here.

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