Tom Peters News Wire Service

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Being a huge fan of Tom Peters‘ books then an even bigger fan of the Tom Peters Blog – which he migrated into a whole new way of looking at a website (his homepage is his Blog) I was pleasantly surprised and equally thrilled to see that the Tom Peters Company developed their own news wire service.
Launched earlier this week, the TP Wire Service – The Latest News On Stuff That Matters is an aggregated selection of RSS feeds in a Blog-based format that links you to a “myriad (of) media sources about cool companies and cool people and the work they do on a silver platter for you,” according to the Tom Peters website.
The TP Wire Service even links you to an FAQ page that explains how it works (including an explanation of RSS feeds).
I like this for many reasons. For one, Tom Peters is now going beyond the Blogging space and actually helping people who think him get to the most relevant news in one area. He’s also taken a very complex medium (news wire services) and broken it down into a manageable beast. Finally, he’s taken what I would consider a many-to-many service and chiseled it down to a one-to-many (who think like the one) service.
So now a personal aggregator of various relevant news sources speaks to whom Tom Peters’ character and personal brand is.
What would you own personal news wire service do for your company, clients and shareholders?