Dove Onslaught Launches – Will It Have The Same Success As Dove Evolution?

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You didn’t really think that I would ask that question… did you?

Dove is back with more online, long-form video action for their Campaign For Real Beauty.

Here it is: Dove Onslaught:

What do you think?

It’s been on YouTube for a little over three days, so I’m actually most impressed with the four hundred-plus comments. That’s what has captured my attention. Take a look, read though them, and then pause to marvel that there is an actual conversation taking place surrounding a commercial. Good comments, bad comments – all insightful. I have high hopes that the people at Dove and Unilever are following these conversations.

My guess is that they keep producing content like this, specifically for that reason.

I’m definitely not going to be one of the many Marketing Armchair Quarterbacks who are simply looking to see if Dove Onslaught can match the viral power of their first long-form online video, Dove Evolution.

I’m not an Executive Creative Director… I’m a guy who’s passionate about Digital Marketing, so when I start getting emails (like I have been for the past two days) about Dove’s new online video, I take notice.