Digital Transformation And The Trillion Dollar Market Cap

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You are magic.

Literally. If you’re reading this, you are magic. You spend your days (probably your nights and mornings too) thinking about the tremendous opportunity that the digitization of business has either offered you, or how you are going to transform your business from where it is today into a more fully-cohesive tomorrow. This is the promise of digital… and it is the promise that it delivers. With this kind of disruption comes mistakes, mis-steps, shifts, changes, adaptations and yes, even unicorns. I jokingly tell audiences that you can’t throw a marketing professional down a flight of stairs these days without the words “digital transformation” tumbling out of their mouths. This seems to be the vision statement, the mission statement, the tagline, and the way in which most players in the digital space prefer to define themselves (and the work that their clients must embrace). Mirum is no different. This is our mission.

The gang of four.

As the global economy looks more precarious than ever before, and the stock market teeters into a place that few want to talk about, take a look at what the past few years has meant to the four horsemen of the digital economy. Namely, Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook. While some of their stocks may be underperforming based on Wall Street’s expectations, the numbers still look impressive (some would say astounding) in a world where traditional businesses that we thought were safe begin to look scarier and scarier, by the moment. Scott Galloway, who is a professor of marketing and brand strategy at the NYU Stern School of Business, discusses this gang of four, their victims, and how they are on the path to a trillion dollar market cap (not a typo) at the recently held DLD conference. I’ve featured Galloway on Six Pixels of Separation many times in the past. He’s fact-based, admits when he’s wrong and puts on a blistering sixteen-minute presentation about the state of digital, just how disruptive it has been and what we can expect in the coming year.

This is astonishing. You must watch this. Strap yourself in… Gang of Four – Apple / Amazon / Facebook / Google – Scott Galloway, Founder of L2 at DLD16.