Demon Texting Takes Over For Demon Dialing

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Ahh, the good ole’ days of dating. How many times did you have one too many, go home, try to sleep and, in a moment of weakness (inebriation) you called an ex?
This activity, known as demon dialing, has long been the staple of late night romps, regrets and future discussions with friends that found you head-in-hands with both elbows on the table shaking your head from-side-to-side in shame and horror.
Demon dialing could well be an Olympic sport at this point in North American culture.
Why should technology be left behind?
Enter Demon Texting.
Connect the dots. You’ve had one too many and you pick up the Blackberry and start demon texting people. It doesn’t even have to be an ex – just friends, business colleagues, whoever is on your mind.
I got demon text jacked last night.
Someone started mixing martinis and I got the e-brunt of their sloshed ramblings.
There have already been reports of men requesting divorces from their wives via SMS, so why should demon texting surprise anyone?
I’m sure the folks at Blackberry had this specific function in mind when they introduced Blackberry Messenger.
Be on the lookout – the next demon text victim could be you.
Warning: if you drink – don’t text.


  1. my good chum i regret to inform you that you used the term “demon dialing” in a magnificent wrong way you see demon dialing is a secondary term for War Dialing a hacking method used in the days before DSL and High speed internet etc to dial all phone numbers with the same starting prefix to search for fax machines, computers and anything hooked up to a modem or phone line

  2. What you’re describing is called drunk dialing. Demon dialing is a computer assisted way of rapidly redialing the same number repeatedly in order to be the first to get a connection on a busy line.

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