Dave Pell On Breaking News And Being The Internet’s Managing Editor – This Week’s Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

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Episode #801 of Six Pixels of Separation is now live and ready for you to listen to.

One of the best newsletters online is NextDraft. It is a a quick and entertaining look at the day’s most fascinating news curated and with commentary by Dave Pell (who has self-appointed himself as Managing Editor of the Internet). Dave has been writing about news, technology, and media since 1999. He’s been news obsessed since he was child. He has also been investing in and advising startups since the earliest days of the internet, and has written extensively on the role of technology in our lives. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He sits on the board of 826 Valencia and is a longtime advisor to the Center for Investigative Reporting. This is his first book: Please Scream Inside Your Heart – Breaking News and Nervous Breakdowns in the Year that Wouldn’t End, and it’s a cathartic and humorous ride through the unnerving, maddening hellscape of the 2020 press cycle, reestablishing the line between “real” news and real life. “Fueled by the wisdom and advice of his two Holocaust-surviving parents, for whom parts of this story were all too familiar, Pell puts the key stories of 2020 into context with pith and punch – highlighting turning points that widened America’s divisions, deepened our obsession with a media-driven civil war, and nearly knocked the country off its tracks. Pell also examines the role of technology in society—and how we somehow built the exact opposite of what we thought we were building. Why did the lies spread faster than the truth? How did our tech addiction contribute to the nightmare? Why do you feel a vibration in your pocket right now?” Enjoy the conversation…

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