CMA 2005 National Convention And Trade Show In Toronto Next Week

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The CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) 2005 National Convention And Trade Show takes place in Toronto next week from May 16th – 18th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
I am arriving early Sunday afternoon to prepare for the three hour intensive I am co-presenting on Monday morning, Marketing For Entrepreneurs And Small Business. The session is considered an “Intensive” and runs from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm. I am co-presenting with Alan Flint, Vice President, Membership, Canadian Marketing Association and John Swettenham, General Manager, Consumer and Small Business Marketing, Canada Post Corporation.
My segments will revolve around the interactive component as well as how to network and create a great elevator pitch.
The CMA website describes the sessions as:
“As an entrepreneur or owner of a small business, marketing is key to your success. Price, product and distribution impact your everyday decision-making. You know your business can rise to the next level, if only you could promote it better…
Time and money are highly valued resources for small business owners and marketing might not be part of your personal skill set. This intensive session will outline the basics of marketing and equip you with the tactics you need to advance your business. Attendees will take away checklists and resources to ground your learning.”
If you are interested in attending you can click here: The CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) 2005 National Convention And Trade Show registration.
I hope to see you there – the Canadian Marketing Association knows how to put together a world-class event.