Better Life Media Makes Hotel Life A Better Life

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I only wish I had found out about Better Life Media prior to my last night at the Intercontinental Hotel during my recent stay there for Search Engine Strategies Toronto.
On the last night I figured I would catch a flick prior to zoning out and came across Better Life TV – which is a part of the pay-per-view system – that allows you to watch some of the best business and motivational speakers in the world.
It was a tough choice between watching Stephen Covey speak about his new book, The 8th Habit, and a personal favorite, Jeffrey Gitomer, he of The Sales Bible and Little Red Book Of Selling fame. Jeffrey Gitomer won out and the real winner was actually me. For the next hour I got to watch Gitomer work the stage and the room with some of his best sales insights and ideas. For thirteen dollars, the value was immediate and permanent.
From a marketing perspective I respect Better Life Media and whoever else was involved in cutting this deal. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s brilliant. Hmmm… how do you capture mindshare of business people? I know! In their hotel rooms – when they’re too tired to go out, to bored too watch West Wing reruns and not even enticed by seeing Nicolas Cage in National Treasure. I love the fact that Better Life Media was able to carve a new sales and marketing channel that fosters a true win-win for both business parties and an even bigger windfall for the customer on the receiving end.
I am very much looking forward to this coming Sunday night when I attend the CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) 2005 National Convention And Trade Show in Toronto. Stephen Covey and The 8th Habit is on deck.