Celebrating 19 Years of Six Pixels of Separation

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This blog, Six Pixels of Separation, started on September 29th, 2003.

19 years ago today.
It was created for the purest of reasons.
If the big industry publications would be gatekeepers of my writing, I wanted my own outlet.

It worked.

First, it was called the Twist Image Blog (the name of my old marketing agency).
A few years in, it became Six Pixels of Separation.
At the time, I would write sporadically.
Then I would write daily.
Then, in 2006, I would write six times a week and publish my podcast on Sunday.
The Six Pixels of Separation Podcast is closing in on 800 episodes.
I can’t be sure, but it just might be the longest running business podcast in the world.
While I don’t publish every day, I am still creating anywhere between 3-5 new pieces of content every week.

Things have changed.

One of those changes, is that I can (and do) like to embed audio and video into these posts.
Another thing that has changed is you, and how you consume content.
There’s more content.
There’s more people creating more content.
There’s more people creating more content on many more platforms.
That’s for sure.
But why I create content has never changed.

I’m trying to help you be better at your work.

Full stop.
It’s not about likes.
It’s not about followers.
It’s not about subscribers.
It’s not about any level of micro-fame.
I’ve said it before.

I will say it again:

I would much rather be the person who writes the cover story for the magazine than have my face on the cover of a magazine.

I don’t want to waste your time.

It’s why I “try” not to post incessantly on social media.
It’s why I try to shy away from “look at me” content and focus more on “is this going to make your work better?” content.
19 years is no overnight success.
Through this all, I have published two books (Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete).
We (with my former business partners) built and sold that marketing agency.
I get to speak on stages all over the world about decoding the future.
I get to invest and advise some of the most interesting businesses out there.
I get to (soon) tell you all about my next grand adventure.

But this Six Pixels of Separation blog adventure continues…

Over 6000 pieces of content.
I feel like I have yet to even scratch the surface.
As I continue to dig into the words, the audio, the video and the images, I hope that you will join me.
And, yes, this one was a little too much about me.
I just wanted to mark this day and thank you for your attention, feedback and inspiration.

Now… back to serving you…