Building A Community Is Not The Same As Building Word Of Mouth

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When Andy Sernovitz talks, people listen. Afterall, he is the person who created the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

Sernovitz literally wrote the book on Word of Mouth Marketing, and in the process has gone on to build his own company (Gas Pedal) to help and teach others all about word of mouth marketing. In the process, he invited me to Chicago to speak at his Word of Mouth Supergenius event a few months back (and he has a new one coming up in New York City on July 20th, 2010) – shortly after the launch of my first business book, Six Pixels of Separation.

It’s about building a community, it’s not just about how much word of mouth a brand can get.

That was my message during a lunch session. The session was recorded and Sernovitz posted/Blogged about it today over on the SmartBrief Smart Blog on Social Media, right here: Andy’s Answers: How Mitch Joel is building online communities that scale.

You can watch the session here (it runs a little under 40 minutes):

Six Pixels of Separation — presented by Mitch Joel from GasPedal on Vimeo.

(thanks for the invite Andy!)


  1. Mitch we could not hear the questions just your answers in this podcast. Keep up the great work and your mission. We are going to make marketing quantifiable and therefore accountable. This is great for everyone.

  2. Thanks Mitch, this was great and timely insight! Your comment on strategic (why should we be on Twitter, Facebook etc.) vs. tactical (what should we do there) was to the point, yet often missed.

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