Birds And Lions. New Platforms And New Engagement

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Is there a difference between real time and in-the-now moments versus watching a TV show or going to a movie?

This past week was the Cannes Lion. It’s the annual belly-rubbing of the advertising industry in southern France, where awards are given, industry experts envision their future and parties. Lots and lots of parties. It’s a star-studded event, and this was a very interesting conversation (dubbed as a "debate") between Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, and Viacom President and CEO, Philippe Dauman. The session is moderated by founder and CEO of WPP (yes, the same company that now owns Twist Image), Sir Martin Sorrell. It’s over an hour long (so pack a lunch), but it really is interesting to see just how much Twitter is edging into traditional media spaces and how badly Viacom needs to advance their own digital integration.

A tale of two cities, if you will…