Ashlee "Milli Vanilli" Simpson

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Did you see Ashlee Simpson on Saturday Night Live last night? I was always under the impression that Lorne Michaels and the team insisted that all bands perform live and not lip-sync or, at least, limit the use of back-up tracks. Well thanks to Lefsetz’ most awesome of email ravings, you can click here and tell me whether or not this is the most ridiculous thing to happen to a “pop star” in a long time. It’s moments like this that make me pause and wonder why the whole music industry is not imploding faster.
Who’s making it work in music? People with talent. People who are using the web as a compliment to their studio work and live performances (Dave Matthews Band, Cowboy Junkies, Pearl Jam, Metallica and many others!). Musicians who actually care and take the time to nurture the relationships they have with the fans.
Ashlee Simpson is about two seconds away from a WB reality show… if that is even possible.
Sad day for music. Sad day for SNL. Sad day for her label, agent, manager, lawyer and everyone else who was puckering up at that teat.