A Sammich That's Not Just A Sammich

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There’s a new lunch/café/resto in Montreal called MBCo (The Montreal Bread Company). It’s owned by the same people who run La Queue de Cheval Steakhouse and 40 West. So why is a roasted chicken pita wrap with baby spinach and brie cheese about nine bucks Canadian (and worth it)? Great vibe. That’s why. It’s got a great décor, a great layout, beautiful space, brilliant marketing (both internal and external) and a friendly staff. Can I get something cheaper next door? Sure. But I won’t get the experience and that’s what the future of retail is all about – giving me (and all of us) a great experience – I feel the need and want to go back and give them more money!
The food is very good (this helps), but there’s always ice-cold water available, a friendly smile from the people working there and a general passion amongst the staff to make the great décor human, so you don’t feel bad just sitting back, having a tea and enjoying the wi-fi zone (good work by Tadaa Wireless). It reminds me a little of Dean & Deluca – but with its own personality. If you’re ever in town and in need of a great quick lunch, check them out.