Additional Online And Interactive Event In Montreal

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Chris points us to a conference: CHI 2006 – “the premier international conference for human-computer interaction.”
CHI 2006 takes place April 22nd – 27th, 2006 at the Palais des Congres in Montreal.
Here’s how the CHI 2006 website describes the event:
“Researchers and practitioners from all segments of the CHI community – design, education, engineering, management, research, and usability – can interact, inform and inspire each other… CHI 2006 is your chance to explore in depth the latest work by researchers and practitioners in your area, as well as experience the breadth of work that is going on elsewhere in the field. The many plenary and social events provide opportunities to network with members of your community and others who impact your work. Not only will CHI 2006 offer you a broader perspective on the complete human-computer interaction landscape, but it will also assist you in bringing new ideas back to your own work and community.”
I never heard of this group. I never heard of this conference, but thanks for the head’s up Chris.