A Curious Mind

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Curiosity is everything.

I have always been curious. I have always asked questions. I have always hunted down answers. I often take notes. I often find myself fumbling for a piece of paper. When I ask Seth Godin what he does, he likes to say that he notices things. I’m jealous of that answer. In my work and in my travels, I am beyond fortunate. Not only do I get to work with great people at Mirum (clients and team members), but I also get the chance to attend some amazing events. Last year, I spent some time watching famed Hollywood producer, Brian Grazer, talk about the future of entertainment and how stories get turned into major motion pictures and television shows. Since then, Grazer has published a book, A Curious Mind. Most recently he was interviewed about his life, his work and how he finds meaning at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

So much wisdom. So much authenticity. Watch this