4Q Will Do For Web Research What Google Analytics Does For Website Measurement

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Full disclosure: iPerceptions is a client of Twist Image and I sit on their Advisory Council. That being said, I was pretty much in the dark on this project.

iPerceptions teamed up with Six Pixels of Separation‘s favourite web analytics guru, Avinash Kaushik (author of Web Analytics – An Hour A Day and Blogger at Occam’s Razor), to offer everyone (yes, including you 😉 a free and simple permission based on-exit survey called, 4Q. 4Q is, simply, the four most important questions you’ll need answers to in better understanding why visitors did (or didn’t) do something on your website. Did you get that? Great tools like Google Analytics tell you what happened. 4Q is a great (and free) tool because it will tell you why things happened (yes, I know – it’s a deadly combo of data). The reasoning behind 4Q is best explained by Avinash in his Blog posting, 4Q – The Best Online Survey For A Website, Yours Free!:

"Surveys are a lot more powerful and can yield much deeper insights about the customer experiences on your website. Deployed right they can be a critical source of learning for your decision makers.

4Q will not make your breakfast in the morning, but my hope is that it takes cost off the table when it comes to trying surveys and provides you with answers to the foundational questions. So no breakfast in the morning, just a kiss on the cheek when you wake up to get you going for what you need to get done. :)"

Avinash even recorded a video demo of how to get started with 4Q and posted it to YouTube. The video is called: An Introduction To 4Q: Now Be Truly Customer Centric! (the video demo runs about 10 minutes) and you can check it out here:

If this free product is of interest to you (and I can’t imagine why any Website would not run this), you can learn more about it here:

iPerceptions’ Blog – Turn Up The Silence – 4Q: A free and simple survey solution. An Avinash Kaushik and iPerceptions Collaboration.

Avinash Kaushik’s Blog – Occam’s Razor – 4Q – The Best Online Survey For A Website, Yours Free!

You can also go right to the Website and get started – iPerceptions – 4Q.

I’d love to hear what your experience is with 4Q. I have high hopes that this offering will take off like Google Analytics. I also don’t see any reason why you would use one and not the other. Now you can figure out what visitors are doing on your website and, more importantly, why they’re doing it.

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  1. Mitch,
    Appreciate the shout out.
    I encourage all your readers to try out 4Q and provide feedback.
    We’re really building 4Q for the people, and given that we preach the importance of voice of customer – how could we not listen to what users think.
    Thanks again!
    Jonathan Levitt
    VP Marketing

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