10 New Business Books Worth Checking Out

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There have been a bunch of new business books launched recently.

The stack on your night table is about to get a whole lot higher. Here are ten new business book that are worth checking out right away:

Any other new business books that you’re either reading or can’t wait to get your hands on?


  1. Dear Mitch:
    A great resource list, and I agree they’re all important.
    However, I also agree with David’s comment, above, your Six Pixels book should appear on the list. It provided with a new perspective and new possibilities, plus helped me create a strong action plan.

  2. I’m definitely interested in reading a few of these. Following your book and presentation at the cleverbridge event in Montreal, I’m looking forward to more great ideas from a reliable source!

  3. All good books – Have read most of them, really liked Trust Agents and Crush It. Probably need to add Collins new book: How the Mighty Fall — “Thank God its Monday” had some fun ideas — and “Awesomely Simple” is a good read – I hope! The last book by Ram Charan was also good:Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty.

  4. If you haven’t already done so, check out The Opposable Mind, by fellow Canadian Roger Martin. Loved this one.
    Finally got around to Purple Cow and The Long Tail recently (I know, I know – I’m behind!)

  5. This is a great list. Just finished “The Go-Giver” and in the middle of “Outliers”. I will get through these and yours shortly, thanks for the direction!

  6. I bought Socialnomics the week it came out from Amazon. It is a really fast read and has a lot of good information. If you are really interested on the potential impact of social media on the world, business, and how we communicate, I definitely recommend giving it a read.

  7. I just read Midas Marketing by Rob Slee. The Midas theme is kinda hokey, but the ideas are interesting. It talks a lot about the new age of aggregation and leveraging knowledge and resources to bring about enormous amounts of opportunity. There are a number of useful case studies to back up the ideas, most notably, the online t-shirt company Threadless. The book also goes into crowd sourcing, pull market (opposed to push marketing), the death of salesmen as a business model, and global niches. This was a good book for my company because we work in an industry still stuck in the past. These ideas are radical and fresh compared to current culture of our peers and competitors.
    Right now I am reading Six Pixels of Separation.

  8. Thank you for this list, I will definitely check these out!
    Not only was “Trust Agents” a great book but it made me feel good just reading it!
    I would also suggest “The Digital Handshake” by Paul Chaney and your book “Six Pixels of Separation” I have just started reading it, I am finding it inspiring and am already putting the techniques into action.

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