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Welcome to episode #57 of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast. I’ve been toying with the format of the Podcast and picked up some interesting insights at Podcasters Across Borders this weekend. I’ve added in a brand new CarCast as well as a very open conversation with Bryan “Bryper” Person during the conference. Tons of deep insights and thoughts on marketing this week. Enjoy this conversation…
Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #57 – Host: Mitch Joel.
– Running time: 55:23.
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– Hello from Beautiful Montreal.
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– CarCast on Information Overload – Gaming Systems that are really Entertainment Systems.
IAB Canada – Social Media Marketing Seminar – Halifax (June 27th, 2007).
– Next week: In Conversation with: Kate Trgovac ‘ One DegreeMy Name Is Kate.
Podcasters Across Borders – thanks Bob Goyetche and Mark Blevis (and Cat and Andrea).
– Marketing Toolkit with Christopher S. Penn.
Hugh McGuire – How Podcasting Will Save The World.
Julien Smith – Getting Your Podcast Seen (As Well As Heard).
Bryan Person – Managing Your Social Media.
Neil GormanComicologyBroken Toasters, William Shatner and Podcast Burnout. I’ll be in conversation with Neil next week.
– Podcasters Across Borders – In Conversation with Bryan Person “Bryper” New Comm Road.
Tod MaffinCBC – From Idea To Air: Making Radio Stories That Don’t Suck.
– Audio comments and Greenfields Report next week.
– Six Points of Separation – Six Future Marketing Channels To Watch:
1. Mobile Social Networking.
2. Social Shopping.
3. Many-to-Many Conversations.
4. Personal Branding.
5. Hyper-local.
6. Mobile content.
– Six Pounds of Sound Theme – Jay Berkowitz – Ten Golden Rules – Podsafe Music NetworkMean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards.
– Six Pounds of Sound – music from C.C. Chapman of Managing The Gray, Accident Hash, One Guy’s Thoughts and U-Turn Café.
Tourist – “Stay”.
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