SPOS #412 – Power Cues With Nick Morgan

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Welcome to episode #412 of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast. When I got my first opportunity to speak in front of a large audience, I wasn’t sure where to turn for more professional public speaking and presentation skills training. Many names of individuals and organizations were thrown my way, but one name that kept rising to the top was Nick Morgan. I immediately purchased his book, Give Your Speech, Change The World, and it did – in fact – change my world and perception of what a presentation is really all about. Then came Working The Room follow by Trust Me. I eagerly bought and devoured them all. Thankfully, Nick jumped into social media and started blogging over at Public Words. Why all of this attention on his work? In the marketing world, the best ideas don’t always win. One of the main reasons is because they’re not presented well (in essence, a poor presentation can kill the best of ideas). That’s not just specific to the marketing industry, but all aspects of life. Being a great presenter is a core capability of success. Sadly, most people ignore it. In his latest book, Power Cues, Nick dives deeper into neuroscience and how the smallest of indicators (from voice to body language to more minor nuances affect success. It’s a fascinating read from a fascinating mind. Enjoy the conversation…

Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #412 – Host: Mitch Joel.

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