SPOS #286 – Micro-Orgasms With Avinash Kaushik

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Welcome to episode #286 of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast. It’s a New Year… so what does that mean? Well, if you ask Avinash Kaushik (the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google and author of the best-selling business books, Web Analytics – An Hour A Day and Web Analytics 2.0), us Digital Marketers are going to be doing more… a whole lot more in the coming year(s). As big and fast as Social Media has changed the way that brands engage with consumers, things are going to evolve all that much more as location, mobile and more converge in this massive evolution. There’s no doubt that both Avinash and I are bullish on these new opportunities, so you’re going hear a lot of excitement and agreement on this episode, but it’s also filled with our passion and desire to see our industry change and evolve at a much quicker pace. Please allow me to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very healthy and Happy New Year. Enjoy the conversation…

Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #286 – Host: Mitch Joel.

Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #286 – Host: Mitch Joel.


  1. Awesome Podcast, really great! I will share it and hope that Marketers and CxO will wake up! and start to move ahead!
    Best Regards,
    Jorge Cunha

  2. Very interesting that Avinash has gone from Web Analytics Evangelist to Digital Marketing Evangelist. For me this underscores the reality that many still don’t get digital marketing. The landscape has become so, so fractured. Marketers are challenged by knowledge (keeping up), opportunities (appreciating and moving on), resources (budgets still a challenge), proirities (ranking opportunities), and justification (yes, still). And we really don’t fully appreciate where all of this is headed. Very, very exciting times. My head explodes daily.
    And Mitch, thanks so much for your thought leadership and for your fantastic guests.

  3. I’m curious about the comment that President Obama isn’t seeking engagement, but rather to inspire. I’m not sure you can separate the two.
    My assessment is that Obama is just as cynical as any other politician, just better at covering it up. I find him telling people what they want to hear. They believe it because they are too lazy, like your marketers, to think critically about whether the words and the actions actually match up. That is where genuine engagement makes the difference.
    This isn’t a political judgment, but rather a criticism of his and other politicians rhetoric philosophy. It is not that much different than the companies who say what you want to hear about a product being organic or something, but the supply chain is anything but. Referring back to the Baskin podcast, where’s the truth?

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