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Welcome to episode #262 of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast. This is also episode #38 of Media Hacks… and, we’re back! Chris Brogan, Hugh McGuire and I dig deep into Google + – the new online social network from Google that has over 10 million users in under two weeks and over one billion items shared. We look at what this new entry into Social Media means to Facebook, Twitter, business and beyond. If you’re curious about Google + and the ever-changing landscape of our digital lives, I highly recommend you take a listen to this episode of Media Hacks. Enjoy the conversation…

Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #262 – Host: Mitch Joel.

Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #262 – Host: Mitch Joel.


  1. I always look forward to Media Hacks – thanks.
    I was surprised how committed to Google+ Chris seems to be. Clearly he’s been working it and has some first-hand experience that influences his position. He’s a pretty smart guy and seems to have good insight into the tools available. Who am I to not invest some more time and effort into Google+ for me and ultimately for my business. Having access to people who can compress my learning curve makes the investment that much more justified. So, thanks to Mitch, Chris and Hugh for sharing.
    I’d really like to be kept abreast of your opinions on Google’s effort to make the platform business friendly. How many of us have time to invest in Google+ just for the fun of it. I need to know how I can use the tool to enhance my business.
    Thanks again…

  2. … and keep in mind, Chris (and others who switch) will need to have all of the important people that they want to connect to not only switch over, but become active as well. This will be the true test of mettle.

  3. It’s fascinating to hear Chris talk about how media are jumping in. That def is a positive signal, but I wonder if that same rush happened for Buzz.
    This movement is fascinating to watch…but it’s pretty clear, if people just sit back and wait, they’ll miss it–if this does turn out to be more than just a very strong fad.

  4. Hey guys! I love g+ circles too. It’s just so much better than lists and lists of people and makes sharing so much easier with the groups I want. Not sure how that’ll influence marketing but I think it’ll definitely benefit niches more (for now). Oh man, it’ll be like the ads on gmail but for each circle? That’s almost scary because it would feel like someone is reading our conversations… I can’t imagine how this is going to pan out yet. Where I’m getting stuck is… what if someone tags a photo (or other content) of me? Who see’s it? How would I control who can see it and who can’t… is this platform made for control freaks like me? Still experimenting on that one. Maybe I’ll bug Chris Penn about it. Anyhow, thanks Media Hacks for another great podcast!

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